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Maincore Merging Revolutionary ZK-Layer2 Blockchain, Advanced AI Platform to Generate AI's and Token's Creation, and Innovative AI Powered EdTech Solutions


Please ask me anything if you need help.


Please ask me anything if you need help.

Revolutionizing Technology with AI , Blockchain and Beyond

Maincore Making Tech Easy for Everyone! No Coding, No Creativity or Development Skills! is Easy as Just Few Clicks!

Easy To Create Wallet - MainCore

The world's first fully featured Al platform for creating Al's

No coding, no expertise, no creativity required! Easily fully own your own Al with just a few clicks

Easy To Create Wallet - MainCore
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Fastest and Secured Blockchain Ever Built

Setting a new standard in digital transaction speed and security. This breakthrough ensures unparalleled efficiency and trust in every interaction, revolutionizing the way we engage with the Web3 world

Send & Receive Anytime - MainCore
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Introducing the First Ever Personalized AI on Our Advanced EdTech Platform

Revolutionizing education with tailored, interactive learning experiences. This innovative technology adapts uniquely to each user, setting a new standard in educational engagement

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Maincore Introduces 'Nology' (NOL) a Unique Token

Nology (NOL) designed to integrate with our ecosystem, facilitating transactions, incentivizing learning, and enhancing user engagement across our platforms

Maincore Blockchain + Metaverse

Maincore blockchain technology seamlessly integrates with our Metaverse, forming a powerful synergy that underpins a secure, decentralized, and transparent ecosystem. This Blockchain +Metaverse integration ensures data integrity, enables secure NFT certificates, and facilitates frictionless transactions within the virtual world. Together, they redefine the future of digital interactions, offering users unparalleled trust and innovation


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Register now and gain immediate access to your xPro Dashboard, a comprehensive hub equipped with fully featured AI platforms and a 'Learn to Earn' system. Experience a wealth of advanced tools, educational opportunities, and more

Easy To Create Wallet - MainCore

Discover Nology (NOL)

Maincore dynamic token, engineered for seamless transactions and integrated utility across our ecosystem, unlocking new possibilities in digital finance

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Access Maincore's world of innovation on the go. Experience advanced blockchain and AI functionalities right at your fingertips. (Coming Soon)

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